Engineered for the EDGE

Platform to simplify Edge Computing deployments


Edge computing made easy

Deploy Edge Clouds to run applications locally and in real time instead of depending on the faraway Cloud.


  • Applications over WiFi
  • Real-time processing
  • On-premise Intelligence & applications


  • Low latency
  • Reduced bandwidth usage
  • Secure sensitive data storage


  • Automated container deployment
  • Device & network management
  • Dynamic mesh capabilities

Deploy secure, private and low latency intelligent networks to run applications a wireless hop away to smart devices, connected objects, and sensors.

What we do

Intelligence at the extreme Edge

WICASTR brings computing capabilities near the data source creating ultra-reliable and low latency network infrastructure.

On-premise business apps & services

It’s a simple way to run applications locally for quick effective processing while delivering value-added services at the edge.

Edge processing

Processing data close to the data source, our edge device helps to reduce latency and enables high performing business applications therefore better user satisfaction.

All-in-one solution for the edge

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WICASTR makes any industry SMART

We bring content distribution and real-time processing onsite targeting Telco's, Transport, Retail, IoT, Emerging Markets and more. WICASTR is the first platform offering users access to such a comprehensive range of services in edge environment.


  • Create networks
  • Provide Internet hotspot
  • Chats
  • Calls and more


  • Music
  • Movies
  • Games
  • On location services


  • Engage customers
  • Improve in-store experience
  • Drive sales
  • Increase loyalty

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